Life and the long tail

Life is really short. This tail-end blog was a great reminder of life and our time left.

Some interesting passages from the article:

I read about five books a year, so even though it feels like I’ll read an endless number of books in the future, I actually have to choose only 300 of all the books out there to read and accept that I’ll sign off for eternity without knowing what goes on in all the rest.

I’ve been thinking about my parents, who are in their mid-60s. During my first 18 years, I spent some time with my parents during at least 90% of my days. But since heading off to college and then later moving out of Boston, I’ve probably seen them an average of only five times a year each, for an average of maybe two days each time. 10 days a year.

Being in their mid-60s, let’s continue to be super optimistic and say I’m one of the incredibly lucky people to have both parents alive into my 60s. That would give us about 30 more years of coexistence. If the ten days a year thing holds, that’s 300 days left to hang with mom and dad. Less time than I spent with them in any one of my 18 childhood years.

It turns out that when I graduated from high school, I had already used up 93% of my in-person parent time. I’m now enjoying the last 5% of that time. We’re in the tail end.


Relationships and experiences matter the most!

Think of life as experiences / events

  • How many more times will I see mum
  • Spend time with my best friends
  • Travel around Mexico
  • To surf.
  • To eat ramen / open a ramen shop
  • To open a startup agency

You won't really care about:

  • How many times you went to the gym to workout to look 4% BF
  • How many books you read. (Quality matters)
  • How many likes on TikTok or Instagram

Money does buy freedom for the most important experiences / events so I won't discount that but most of the other things are pretty free. Just being there with the people that matter to you most is the most important.

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