Learning and Unlearing

We assume the process of learning stops after university but the school of life starts after. It is about learning new processes and unlearning societal conditioning.

I have been learning a lot about

  • Society
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Career
  • Finances + Taxes + Economics
  • Health
  • History + Culture

Some valuable learning and un-learnings I have had include:

Time is the most valuable asset

We believe money is the most valuable asset as it is sensationalised. There is no doubt that it has value in society but it buys freedom and time at the end outcome. It is important to have money as leverage and influence in the world but it is the biggest buyer for time.

I read an analogy that Warren Buffet would love to buy more time in his life despite his wealth but he can't. It's finite. So own your mortality and time whilst being patient.

Soft skills > hard skills

We believe being the best X (i.e. developer) is what will help us in life. However, society is a collective, and people like working with people they like. Soft skills of empathy, compassion, and understanding perspectives are paramount in the workplace. If you keep improving both skills, you will be awesome.

Compound interest in life

Compound interest all adds up to something bigger. It's a natural law and it does wonders. The most applicable and important part of life relates to your habits. Being able to meditate from 7 minutes to 80 minutes over the course of 2 months has been an eye-opener. Being able to lift heavier weights every week has done wonders. Knowing how my finances compound every month does wonders for the long term. Neuroplasticity plays a strong role and is interesting.

People can be happy with less money

Growing up in a moderately affluent part of society, I was always pretty comfortable. When I travelled to South East Asia, particularly Vietnam I became quite sad. I was looking for more meaning when travelling but I was confused how this society functioned on so much less money and still seemed content and living. Being frugal and buying less material things has resulted from this. There can be more steps taken in this domain but am still figuring it out.

I only need:

  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food
  • Pen + Paper
  • Laptop + Wifi
  • Some clothes.
  • Gym

Be around kind people.

Zero-sum in being around negative people. People with compassion and love are great to be around. These types of people had most likely gone through a lot of pain to love and be more kind so always respect that. I seek kind friends and a partner.

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