First Post: "I"

First Post: "I"

A strange post to start the new year but "I" have been doing a lot of self-examination of what my identity is.

For context, my meditation practice has gone deeper. I have gone from 7 minutes a day to 80 minutes. Increasing my practice by 2 minutes has done wonders. These days, "I" feel quite light and hollow.

A thought I have been examining:

  • The "I" is not in the body but the body is in the "I".

The more I meditate, the body becomes translucent and makes it feel like we are all one. By logic, does it not mean that we are all one and ephemeral?

The material objects that we label are the same matter on a sub-atomic particle level. They exist in different shapes like shapeshifters. Our thoughts are also a material concept that we like to hold onto. This leads us to believe we are this projected identity.

"I feel happy because I created this painting and got an appraisal. Therefore I will get more praise as an artist". This string of thought leads us so deep down the rabbit-hole to believe that we are one identity.

Maybe the best thing is to free ourselves of this ego and identity and be flexible. You can be anything. A software engineer, writer, surfer, circuit trainer. The flexibility to change your identity in an instant is liberating when the rest of society has conditioned you to stick to one.

There is bias to how I can think this way. I am educated and come from an advantaged place in the world with no large problems. Being able to think like this is true liberty. But I no longer believe meditation and spirituality is being calm and smiling. This has been sensationalized.

It's the shedding of my skin despite the pain. Yikes.

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