Cookie Cutter

Cookie-cutter is a term I learned from Americans. It denotes having no distinguishing feature. Last night during dinner, it made me think more about the value of travelling and not being in one place.

We choose our own 'bubbles' in our lives. However, staying in one for too long makes us group-think and believe that is the correct way of the world. In San Francisco, I am exposed to tech liberals who have certain beliefs. It's a little limiting though. It becomes my societal norm to earn X amount in tech and believe VC funding is the main way to 'success'.

Traveling outside of the bubble exposes me to different people and cultures. The people who live life to the fullest without group-think appeal more to me. They take life less seriously and think for themselves which seems like the freedom to me.

Independent thinkers who can execute and think differently advance society. They are not as tied to what social media is telling them to believe.

I would like to create my own cookie.

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